Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Grails Goodness: RSS Feeds for Newest and Recently Updated Plugins

At the Grails plugins website we can see the newest and last updated plugins. But there are no RSS feeds for these page (Update: Looking at the source code I found a RSS feed URL for the last updated plugins. We can use the RSS feed with last updated plugins in our RSS reader). And it would be so handy to have RSS feeds to subscribe to, so we can use a RSS reader to be kept up-to-date with the newest and last updated plugins.

I've created a simple Yahoo Pipe to generate RSS feeds for these pages. The pipe simply scrapes the page and turns the information to a RSS feed. We can subscribe to the following URLs:

The original Yahoo Pipes are also available:


pledbrook said...

The website is open source, so patches are welcome :)


albina N muro said...

I initially resisted the urge to develop my own framework, I was led to develop this because (1) I wanted a light-weight framework like that provided by Trac, wordpress help desk

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