Thursday, October 22, 2009

Adding Groovy and Grails Support to SpringSource Tool Suite (STS)

After reading all tweets about the released Groovy and Grails support this week I thought it would be a good idea to install it and see it for myself. In this post we look at how we can install the Groovy and Grails plugins into SpringSource Tool Suite.

First we must open the STS Dashboard (Help | STS Dashboard) and select the Extensions tab. Here we see at the top just the two plugins we want:

We select both plugins (no Grails without Groovy) and click on the Install button. Next STS opens a new dialog window with more details about the plugins. Both need to be selected before we continue by clicking on the Next button.

We are presented with more detailed information and we click on the Next button to continue.

Finally we need to accept the licenses that apply for the Groovy and Grails support. We click on the Finish button and STS will download all needed files and installs the plugin.

After the code is installed STS requires a restart. We wait until STS is restarted and we go to File | New Project to see both Groovy and Grails projects are available as project templates.

On the Grails website there is also an article about Groovy and Grails STS Integration.


Mike Miller said...

Thanks for the tips. I quickly installed STS yesterday but didn't see the Extensions tab so I was missing the Groovy/Grails updates.

hansamann said...

Also thanx for this post. I was hoping Groovy and Grails was more prominently featured. Your post helped me to get it installed (e.g. find where to look...). Thanx, Sven

Ken Rimple said...

I wonder whether this was an eclipse dependency thing - at the time I did it the plugin wasn't able to find the codehaus dependency (this was on the day it was released). Perhaps they updated the repository linkages after that.

I'll put your link at the top of my blog entry so people try that first.



Maikel said...

Thanks for the quick guide. I just installed the extension and trying to start a new grails project. At this point everyting works fine. But how do I use the STS with the Grails extension to create domain classes, controllers etc. on the same way like from command line 'grails create domain ...' and grails create controller ...' ???


mrhaki said...

@Maikel: basically yes...
You can use the shortcut Ctrl+G in Windows to execute grails commands with code completion, or use Run As | Grails command. But yeah, you still need to type it (although with less keystrokes). Coming from NetBeans where we can right-click on the domains folder and select the create-domain-class command directly, this feels a bit awkward.

Colin said...

@hansamann I don't know who tweeted this, but checkout this URL for more color on what is yet to come in the STS Grails support.


I don't know but I would imagine that once more of these issues are taken resolved it will become more prominent.

Andrew said...

Thanks for the tips. It's took bad this isn't more obvious when you first install STS.

Anonymous said...

use alt+PrtScr, when try create image active window. :)

Abhishek Sinha said...

Thanks for quick guide. It help's a lot to start with Grails and Grovvy Project.

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